Wireless Expansion Project Update

The university community relies on multiple devices and effective wireless infrastructure to maintain connectivity and achieve high levels of productivity.  At the beginning of 2017, aging infrastructure and ad hoc deployments meant that less than 50% of university buildings had sufficient wireless coverage.  The administration provided ITS with capital resources to improve performance and coverage in administrative and academic buildings across all campuses.  As of this month, the overwhelming majority of UConn buildings have been successfully upgraded.  Exceptions are buildings that were deferred to accommodate construction or structures that did not have the necessary wired infrastructure in place.  Additional information about the project and the buildings involved is available at its.uconn.edu/uconn-wireless-service-expansion/.

If you feel that performance or coverage in any of the completed buildings is inadequate, submit a ticket via the ITS Technology Support Center at techsupport@uconn.edu, and we will promptly investigate and address as needed.