Update to Email Service on 6/25

ITS implemented new email filtering capabilities in university email systems.

Email attacks that attempt to steal personal information or compromise systems threaten your security and the security of our community.  The university email system has filters that block the bulk of spam messages from being delivered to your mailbox.  Senders employ increasingly sophisticated techniques, and in response, Information Technology Services (ITS) implemented new filtering capabilities that are designed to provide better protection from malicious emails and any viruses and malware they may contain.  The update affects how Office 365 handles spam, links, and attachments in your UConn email.

  • Spam: Mail that is identified as spam will have a {SPAM?} tag in the subject line and will go into your Junk mail folder. It will remain there until you choose to delete it.

  • Unsafe Mail: Mail marked as potentially malicious, such as phishing messages, will be quarantined and deleted after 30 days.  Office 365 users will receive a digest message from Office 365 that lists all quarantined messages from the past 24 hours and provides options for managing individual messages.

  • Links: All URLs are rewritten through Outlook. When you hover over the link in a message, it will display a variation of “na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/…”  If a link is safe, you will still go to the intended location. If a link is unsafe, you will see a warning message.

  • Attachments: All attachments are scanned for malware, and access to attachments considered unsafe will be blocked.

See https://email.uconn.edu/threat-prevention/ for more information. If you have support issues or questions, please contact the ITS Technology Support Center at techsupport.uconn.edu, 860-486-4357, or techsupport@uconn.edu.