Delegated Access Available

Delegated Access is now available. It is a new feature in the University’s Student Administration System (Student Admin) that enables students to share access to certain portions of their education record.

The confidentiality of student information is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  With limited exceptions, this federal law restricts others from accessing or discussing education records and information without prior consent from the student.  In some situations, being able to share this information with another party, such as a parent, guardian, spouse, or significant other, benefits students by facilitating communication and transactions on their behalf.  The University has historically provided processes that allow students to authorize others to pay fee bills and discuss their information with University officials.  However, they could not provide access to view their education record in Student Admin, the University’s hub for student academic and financial information.  ITS, Office of Privacy Protection & Management, Office of the Registrar, and Office of the Bursar have partnered to enable this Delegated Access feature in Student Admin to create this opportunity for students who choose to utilize it.  In the system, students may now assign delegates and select certain information these delegates may view.  The student then initiates a process that prompts the chosen delegate to create an account in Student Admin to view the information selected by the student.


This new feature joins two other access options – a recently updated FERPA Designee Pin Page (FDPP), which allows certain offices to have discussions with the students’ selected designees, and the Bill and Payment Suite through TouchNet in the Finances section in Student Admin, which allows authorized users to pay fee bills.  All three types of access and the tasks they enable are presented on the Share My Information page on the FERPA