Operating update to university websites

ITS is making updates to university websites that will provide better support for explicit disclosure and acceptance of data collection. 

There is an evolving compliance and regulatory framework associated with privacy and notification.  For example, the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which became active today, emphasizes the disclosure of data collection and retention and enables individuals the opportunity to provide informed consent.  Connecticut, like other states, has data breach notification standards that apply to all holders of personal or other sensitive data.  ITS, in concert with other institutional offices, has elected to make an operating change that is a good, supportive practice and that is well aligned with existing and anticipated regulatory obligations.  ITS has introduced banner code for all sites hosted on Aurora.  It produces a popup statement that cookies are being used.  To dismiss this prompt, visitors need to signal understanding and acceptance by clicking OK.  ITS has published the code at https://brand.uconn.edu/standards/web/ for use by administrators of UConn sites and web applications hosted on other servers.  Additional changes will be made over the coming months as UConn adjusts and finalizes other policies and practices.  We will communicate any updates that impact your experience with central IT systems, services, and capabilities.