FEB availability

The IBM Forms Experience Builder (FEB) system is available to developers within our IT community.

FEB is a framework for developing and deploying data-centric web form applications. Compared to traditional programming methods, FEB accelerates the development process, from concept to production, and facilitates the addition of workflows. ITS’s Applications and Technology Solutions (ATS) group has been using this environment since 2014 to create numerous applications for university departments and other organizations. Projects have ranged from creating a form for Career Services that enables targeted career information delivery to developing a registration system for the Office of Registrar that has led to improved efficiency and data collection. Developers within our IT community are welcome and encouraged to explore use of this system to build custom applications that meet the unique needs of their constituents. Documentation, which includes presentations, training guides, and how-to articles, has been collected on the following two secure (https) sites: confluence.its.uconn.edu/display/FEB/FEB+Home and confluence.its.uconn.edu/display/FEB/About+FEB.