Upcoming changes to UCONN-GUEST; Encouraging use of UCONN-SECURE

Two wireless networks that ITS provides are designed and intended to serve different populations.  The UCONN-GUEST network connects visitors unaffiliated with the University to the UConn wireless network.  It provides our guests with basic access to select Internet resources.  The UCONN-SECURE network connects our community with authenticated and encrypted access to the UConn wireless network.  It provides customers with full and secure access to university and internet resources.  This past year, the acceptance page for the guest network was causing access problems, and in response, ITS temporarily disabled it while we worked with our vendor to resolve the issue.  During the intervening time, the number of people connecting to the UCONN-GUEST network has quadrupled.  This suggests that numerous people with NetIDs are now choosing this unsecure network to meet their access needs.  For our community, UCONN-SECURE is the better, safer choice.  We ask that you encourage your constituents to check their access and to move their activities back to the secure network.  Documentation on how to connect to UCONN-SECURE is available in the support articles at techsupport.uconn.edu.  We will be re-launching the disclaimer web page portal on UCONN-GUEST on Wednesday, March 8, and coupled with this change, post announcements to the Daily Digest urging people to use the appropriate network