Update on centrally licensed software

ITS has updated centrally licensed software.

Individual software is a general IT resource that impacts every part of our community, allowing each of us to be more successful in our respective roles.  The confluence of vendors, products, locations, populations, and uses results in a fair degree of complexity.  Over the past year, we revisited licensing agreements to ensure that the University was fully compliant with all terms and negotiated with vendors to expand coverage of users, activities, and locations wherever this was practical.  To better serve the needs of the community and based on your  feedback, ITS overhauled the UConn Software website, hosted at http://software.uconn.edu.  The new site organizes offerings by population to increase clarity around eligibility and also emphasizes alternatives to local installation, such as virtual options and computer labs.  We encourage you to visit the redesigned software site and welcome your feedback on its content.