Email service choice for students

Google Apps for Education was chosen for students because it was both a good fit for and a strong preference of this population.  Microsoft Office 365 was selected for faculty and staff because it offers specific enterprise  advantages and effectively meets a number of key policy requirements.  ITS has received feedback from some students that they would prefer to have their University email on Office 365 rather than Google Apps.  Both can meet the requirements for student email accounts, which do not have the same institutional obligations as faculty and staff accounts, but for specific technical reasons any single email account can be in only one of these services.  ITS is electing to pursue offering all UConn students with a choice between the two services to better satisfy individual preferences.  We are developing a scalable transition process and preparing documentation that will clearly explain the ramifications of switching between services.  We will provide our community with updates on our progress and notice of any pending changes.  In the interim, we welcome and encourage your feedback and suggestions, which you can send to