Enhancements to institutional file storage

Over the past year, ITS has made strategic investments in data storage infrastructure in support of institutional and research activities.  These changes include the modernization of all SAN infrastructure components and augmentation of the University’s distributed research storage system to increase capacity by 1 PB.  Consistent with this approach, we are making back-end improvements to evolve the infrastructure.  We will be moving institutional file storage, Enterprise File Services (EFS) and the Research NAS (RNAS) service, to a consolidated platform that offers more storage, enhanced performance, and better integration with the activities of our community in their respective roles.  The first step is to transition a component of EFS, the personal (p:) drives, of all UConn faculty, staff, and students to the new infrastructure.  In preparation, we have migrated select test accounts and will be moving the p: drives of ITS employees early next week.  This experience will enable us to identify problems and develop appropriate remediation and support strategies.  It will also help us identify the best practical time for a university-wide migration that has been tentatively scheduled after the end of semester moratorium.  Anyone with a p: drive that is being moved will receive additional information and a notification both before and after the transition.