Cisco Meeting Server bridge available

Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) bridge is now available for video conferencing.

The CMS bridge supports connections from a room outfitted for video conferencing to remote participants, who may not have specialized equipment.  It joins our existing WebEx video conferencing offering and while there are overlaps in basic functionality, the respective services each have features that are better suited for different use cases.  The CMS bridge acts as a conduit to the commonly installed WebRTC and Skype for Business web conferencing technologies, and remote participants can choose to join a meeting with either option.  Flexibility and ease-of-use makes the CMS useful for small group meetings.  WebEx, in contrast, requires participants to use the WebEx system and install a plugin.  However, it has features, such as telephone call-in and the ability to host over 1,000 participants, that makes it well-suited for webinars.  There is  support documentation for both systems on the Academic IT – Audiovisual and Collaborative Technologies website.  We encourage you to explore and use the service that best meets your needs.