Q: drive mapping

ITS has updated automatic Q: drive mapping on ITS managed workstations.Drive mapping is the process whereby a network resource (Enterprise File Services, EFS) is located and assigned for access as drive Q: on the local machine. ITS adds a login script on managed workstations that automatically performs this mapping before the login completes and the desktop appears.  When the network is unavailable, a situation more common off-campus, login does not complete until the mapping times out.  We have received feedback from the community that this delay is inconvenient.  The login actions have been redesigned so that the mapping is performed asynchronously, allowing the login to proceed independent of network status.  In addition to effectively removing a potential delay, the mapping can now be made persistent, and this ultimately improves reliability.  The benefits of technology are best measured by individual experiences, and ITS will continue to make changes, where practical, that improve efficiency and ease of use for our community.