New email enhancement

Plus Email Addressing, also known as sub-addressing, allows you to create variations of a normal email address that will still be delivered to your institutional email account.  To use this feature, append a plus (“+”) sign and desired descriptor after your account name and before the @ symbol (e.g.,  The portion of the address between the + and @ symbols is ignored by the system for the purpose of identifying which account will receive the message.  The full address, including the extra information, remains usable by filters and other address-based logic.  This acts as a label and can be useful for managing email and site registrations.  It is consistent with the individual productivity emphasis of the ITS Strategic Plan to support community advocated capabilities wherever practical.  We have received feedback that a segment of our community might find Plus Addressing useful, and our research indicated that it did not pose an inordinate risk.  We have elected to immediately enable this feature.