IT Strategic Plan Article

A little over a year ago, we finalized UConn’s five-year strategic plan for information technology.  This publication was the culmination of extensive collaborative brainstorming, needs analysis, review, and revision.  The resulting plan has provided a unifying vision for central IT activities as well as clarified how ITS will support the institutional mission and ensure the success of our constituents.  This unique perspective has caught the attention of external audiences.  I was approached by editors of The Enterprisers Project, an online journal for CIOs sponsored by RedHat and asked to write an article about the process and purpose of developing an IT strategic plan.  In this article, I highlight the importance of your contributions and ongoing support to the development and enactment of the plan.  I appreciate the role you played – and continue to play – and would like to share this article with you: Why a strategic IT plan is a CIO’s best asset.