2FA to PeopleSoft

ITS is adding two-factor authentication protection to PeopleSoft.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) protects the login process by requiring individuals to verify their identities using both their UConn credentials and an enrolled device.  This significantly increases protection because authentication is based on something you know and something you have.  UConn implemented 2FA for access to Core-CT last year, and we also made it optional for a variety of other services at that time.  ITS, working in concert with our functional partners, is adding 2FA to PeopleSoft accounts that have privileged access to student data.  There will be a preliminary opt-in period, followed by mandatory use by staff and faculty that is tentatively scheduled for August 15 and October 2 respectively.  Additional information about 2FA and a link to the enrollment portal is available at iam.uconn.edu/two-factor.  ITS will communicate directly with the community about this change, but we welcome your support spreading awareness to your constituents and helping them enroll.