Drive Migration Assistant

ITS offers a new utility that simplifies the transition from the P: drive to Microsoft OneDrive.

UConn faculty and staff are provided file storage on Enterprise File Services (EFS), the P: drive, and on our cloud-hosted service, Microsoft OneDrive.  We understand that people are accustomed to the legacy P: drive, but OneDrive has distinct advantages.  It offers superior sharing and syncing features, and you can remotely access files using various network connected devices without VPN or Direct Access.  People often have a significant number of files stored on the older service, so we have created the Drive Migration Assistant to facilitate your transition to our contemporary cloud storage alternative.  It automates the process of safely copying your files from the P: drive to OneDrive.  This is a safe migration, and your original files will remain intact.  The assistant is available at, and additional information is provided on the IT Knowledge Base by searching “drive migration.”  We encourage you to share this tool with faculty and staff in your area.