Recommendations for Antivirus Protection on Macs

When Microsoft suddenly ended support for System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP), ITS implemented ESET Endpoint Protection as a one year bridge strategy and began exploring viable options for long-term antivirus solutions for Macs. 

Starting with version 10.11, macOS includes XProtect, a built-in technology to detect, block, and remove malware.  XProtect obviates the need for a third-party antivirus product.  ITS believes that products should be used for both their expressed purpose and in the manner that the vendor intended.  This approach ensures performance, reliability, and supportability and produces the best overall experience.  ITS strongly recommends that all university-owned Macs run the latest OS and remain current with all updates to maintain the highest level and most up-to-date protection available from Apple.  ITS will discontinue the ESET software when the licensing agreement expires on December 4, 2019.