UConn and UConn Health student systems

UConn and UConn Health are consolidating student systems.

Historically, UConn utilized the PeopleSoft Student Administration System (Student Admin) while UConn Health School of Medicine (SoM) and School of Dental Medicine (SoDM) utilized Jenzabar for registrar and bursar functions and PowerFAIDS for financial aid. In 2018, UConn and UConn Health launched a project designed to consistently deliver all student administrative services from PeopleSoft as a common system of record. This initiative represented substantial collaboration among the following units at both campuses: IT, Admissions, and offices of the Bursar, Registrar, and Student Financial Aid. All medical and dental students, including applicants and dental residents, have been converted to Student Admin. Final integrations and pending changes to business processes will be implemented at academically practical transition points (e.g., end of billing periods, aid years).