University Data Network

ITS is updating elements of the university data network.

The UConn data network is a foundational service that is directly utilized by our community in pursuit of the university mission of research, teaching, learning, and outreach.  Eight years ago, ITS chose 4500 series access switches for a number of buildings on the Storrs campus and 6500 series distribution routers for regional campuses.   Both permit updating the supervisor, which is the device management card, without replacing the entire unit.  This economically extends the usable life of the equipment and extracts additional value from the deployed investment.  We recently completed supervisor and code upgrades of all 4500 switches, which updates this equipment to the current general release version of the operating system.  ITS will perform similar upgrades on the 6500 routers over spring break.  Potential service impacts will be communicated prior to performing any maintenance.