New Self-Service Exam Scanning

New self-service option for the ITS Scantron service.

The Scantron service is utilized to automatically read bubble sheets and return the results electronically to the instructor.  Historically, ITS staff processed the exams and returned the hardcopies directly to the instructors via campus mail, but pickup and delivery schedules meant that this might take up to three business days.  We received feedback that instructors, at times, needed to refer to the paper exams and that the delay was problematic.  In addition to the traditional Scantron service, ITS has located two Scantron stations outside the ITS Technology Support Center and dedicated them for self-service access.  Instructors can directly control when exams are graded and retain possession of the sheets at all times.  Staff are available for support when the Technology Support Center is staffed, and instructions are posted at the stations as well as online:


To ensure that this is a successful and useful service for instructors, we welcome all suggestions for improvement.  Please send questions, comments, and concerns about the service