Status of 2FA Service

2FA prevents unauthorized access to online resources by imposing two independent forms of identification in order for you to successfully authenticate.  One factor is something you know (i.e., your username and password), and the other is one of a set of alternate mechanisms coupled to something you have, such as a phone.  ITS has been pursuing the enterprise deployment of Duo Security, an industry leading 2FA service, to better protect both personal information and institutional data.  We have rolled it out broadly within ITS.  This allowed us to test procedures, operations, and communications internally and with select functional partners.  Beginning next week, we will reach out broadly to solicit early adopters, and you are all strongly encouraged to participate.  Your feedback will help us address concerns before they impact the broader community, and your experience will help you better assist your constituents with registration and use.  We have tentatively scheduled full university access for late spring 2019 when 2FA will be formally required to access Core-CT.  More information about the service and project is available at