AutoCAD for Education

AutoCAD for Education is now available to UConn faculty, staff, and students.

AutoCAD is an industry standard computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting software application that can be used to render 2D and 3D images.  Frequently used by engineering disciplines, AutoCAD has professional applications that span multiple industries.  The developer offers an educational version of AutoCAD that is free for research, teaching, and learning at qualifying universities.  This version functions the same as the full commercial version, but objects created in it cannot be used for commercial use.  The School of Engineering approached Autodesk to allow the University to participate in their ongoing education program, and ITS has incorporated AutoCAD into our software portal for access and distribution.  AutoCAD is now available at  It can be installed on both personal and university-owned devices, or it can be launched in UConn AnyWare.