Improvements to Email Handling

ITS will be testing an improvement to the University’s email handling.

The University email filters block the vast majority of spam messages that flood the email system on a daily basis.  Senders of spam and other unsolicited messages continue to employ new and more sophisticated techniques, and some messages pass through our filters to be delivered to University inboxes.  In particular, phishing messages, which attempt to steal personal information, remain a threat to our community.  This has prompted ITS to explore products that offer better phishing detection while matching or improving the performance of our current spam filters.  On Wednesday, February 14, we will begin a live test of a cloud-hosted filtering product.  We will be comparing delivered email against results from the cloud service to determine the efficacy of their product based on real world conditions. This testing should not disrupt email service, but if problems arise, ITS will discontinue the evaluation.  We will share the results with the community and provide additional information about any next steps.