Installation of patches and updates

ITS advocates for the timely installation of patches and updates on all devices.System, software, and operating system (OS) vendors release patches and updates to add functionality, correct problems, and close vulnerabilities that might be exploited.  ITS deploys these patches and updates as soon as practical to all devices enrolled in our Managed Workstation program.  We have received feedback that the community, at times, ignores prompts and defers installations because of concerns that they might introduce problems.  Our mindset is that the consequences of not patching – and ultimately leaving devices vulnerable to possible infection and data theft – far outweigh the unlikely potential for complications.  All systems and software should, barring a compelling requirement, always be current with respect to all patches and updates.  As the IT community responds to the current Meltdown and Spectre threats, we ask that you partner with us and encourage your constituents to patch all of their personal and institutional devices.  If a problem arises as a result of a patch or update, the ITS Technology Support Center is available to provide assistance.