Modification to UConn Directories

ITS has modified the UConn directories.

Two directories provided by ITS, the UConn Phonebook and Directory module in myUConn, display contact information for anyone affiliated with the University.  ITS is working with the UConn Privacy Office to ensure consistency with the University’s FERPA policy while continuing to allow faculty, staff, and students to have a centralized source of student contact information.  To balance these competing interests, ITS will be placing student directory information behind Central Authentication Services (CAS), which will protect it from public viewing but still permit internal access for our community.  ITS will implement this change to the UConn Phonebook and the Directory module in myUConn on Thursday, December 7.   After this date, members of our community will be prompted to login with their NetID credentials to search for students.  Notably, faculty and staff information will remain publicly available.