UConn AnyWare

UConn AnyWare is now generally available.

UConn AnyWare is an application virtualization service that allows faculty, staff, and students to remotely run university-licensed software from a variety of supported devices.  After installing the Citrix Receiver client for Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android, individuals can launch and remotely execute selected software from the UConn Software catalog.  The service allows access to printers and storage devices and saves personalized settings between sessions.  It is a convenient way to try out software on supported devices without needing to download, install, and configure it separately.  UConn AnyWare compliments our other hosted software platforms, SkyBox, Office 365, and Google Apps, all listed under the “Use Software Online” menu item located at http://software.uconn.edu.  Individual productivity is emphasized in the ITS strategic plan, but we recognize that it is both situational and highly personal.  We encourage our community to explore and use whichever option best meets their needs.