HuskyCT architecture changes

An architecture change was recently implemented for HuskyCT.

HuskyCT, the University’s Learning Management System (LMS), is powered by Blackboard Learn.  Historically, ITS maintained a locally self-hosted installation of the product.  This required significant hardware resources to meet the storage, server, and network needs for this critical enterprise service.  As various elements of the infrastructure approached their functional end-of-life, ITS began exploring replacement options.  Blackboard’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud deployment was identified as a high performing approach that would provide continuity of experience; facilitate frequent incremental updates, which reduce downtime; and scale elastically during periods of high usage to meet transient demand.  Coinciding with a required upgrade cycle and after communicating extensively with instructors, ITS transitioned the university LMS infrastructure to Blackboard’s cloud-hosted architecture over this past winter break.  This change will ensure continued vendor support for the current generation product and greatly facilitate transition to their next generation product.  ITS will continue to pursue contemporary approaches to service delivery and will adopt these options when they are practical and where they provide enhanced benefits to our community.