Changes to address ID issues

ITS has established structural changes in order to address our current identity management issues.

The recent implementation of Core-CT and the evolution of the ID system introduced new challenges to our environment.  After the transition, ITS identified several issues with interaction between these core business systems, including data transmission problems between University and State of Connecticut systems, business logic that unexpectedly disabled accounts, and University populations without corresponding roles within state systems.  These issues have caused inconvenient service disruptions for some individuals, and ITS has made it a priority to resolve these issues in partnership with the Core-CT team.  While ITS has been actively responding to requests as they are reported, we have created a working group with the priority to identify, surface, and resolve issues, tracking them from initial report through resolution.  Josh Boggis will lead the group, whose membership includes representatives from security, server support, accounts, and administrative systems.  To engage them, our community may contact Josh directly at