Long-term plans to sunset select legacy web servers

As with any technology, the University’s web servers and supporting resources evolve over time, offering more sophisticated features and better performance. Our community has generally transitioned to these contemporary web services, but a number of publicly visible outdated sites have remained behind.  ITS has continued to maintain legacy services for accounts that need them, but we eventually need to migrate sites off of deprecated web services so that they can be decommissioned.  This will enable ITS to focus our limited resources on maintaining the stability and security of current technology and to develop new services and capabilities.  We began this process with the Homepages web server, mainly used to host faculty web pages.  For the past year, we have been sending targeted communications to account owners about current site hosting options and encouraging them to take advantage of support offerings.  This gives them the opportunity to review their sites for existing content and to transition any material they wish to retain to better supported environments.  Many of these sites have already been either removed at the owner’s request or migrated to centrally provided alternatives, and we are currently scheduled to decommission Homepages in November.