IT community mailing list changes

ITS has made changes to our IT community mailing lists.

We maintain an IT Contacts mailing list that is delivered through our listserv environment and includes all ITS staff, university-wide IT staff, and other stakeholders with a vested interest in IT.  This list, with its relatively broad membership, has been historically utilized to communicate IT related information to our community.  We have received feedback that it is not a universally effective venue and that writers, at times, edit content to avoid barraging non-technical people with information that they cannot effectively use.  To facilitate more targeted messaging, we have constructed the list, which is a formal subset of the IT Contacts list and contains addresses for individuals whose primary role at the University involves IT.  The new list is intended for in-depth discussions and detailed technical information that is most relevant to the university IT community.  We have elected to deliver both through our Office 365 infrastructure because it provides better support for nested lists.  Everyone can post freely to the IT Professionals list, and you can continue to reach the original, larger group by sending email to

We encourage you to select, on a per message basis, whichever mailing list best suits your needs.