Integration of exam schedules

The final exam schedule for the Storrs campus has, in recent years, been generated within a software package that the university utilizes to manage room resources.  The registrar combines asset data with course information to produce a static document.  While this typically produced workable exam schedules, students and instructors were responsible for searching the document for their information, identifying any conflicts, and pursuing corrective actions as needed.  This approach was both cumbersome and frustrating.  ITS collaborated with the Office of the Registrar, the Dean of Students Office, and our software vendors to build an interface from the scheduling environment to the Student Administration system that will give students and instructors direct access to their personal exam information.  Furthermore, associating class exam schedules with data about enrolled students will support the creation of queries that can identify student specific conflicts and aid in the construction of better schedules.  Producing a final exam schedule at a large university will remain a complex task, but leveraging existing systems and extending their capabilities reduces overall effort and substantively improves outcomes.