Process improvements for NetIDadmin accounts

The process for requesting and activating NetIDadmin accounts has been improved. 

NetlDadmin accounts are separate accounts with typically elevated system privileges that faculty and IT staff use to perform certain administrative IT tasks.  These accounts often have a narrow scope and are deliberately distinct from broadly used individual accounts, which have a greater risk of compromise.  Historically, a faculty or staff member requested an account by submitting a help ticket and waiting for a ITS employee to contact them before the account was created.  This approach generally met the needs of the community, but it was somewhat cumbersome, and we have received feedback that this tended to hinder its use.  To better serve the University and consistent with our strategic emphasis on individual capabilities, ITS has incorporated an automated process into the NetID system.  A new NetlDadmin request form displays under NetID tools after you login to  This form will permit individuals to request accounts, securely activate these accounts, and manage their respective passwords.  Existing NetIDadmin account owners will also be able to take advantage of this new capability, and we will contact them at a later date to provide additional instructions.

ITS recognizes the importance of constantly evaluating the efficiency and efficacy of our processes.  We will continue to make improvements that appropriately balance convenience against security as we evolve systems, services, and capabilities.