Mass mailing service

When rogue email accounts are used to spam the internet, downstream providers typically respond by blocking all email from the source server.  In order to protect our service and consistent with industry best practices, ITS has rate and volume limits on our standard mail servers.  Attempting to send a single email to hundreds or thousands of recipients via the standard service will trigger our controls, and the message will not be sent.  Bulk mailings by individuals are not frequent, but we have received feedback that these restrictions impede legitimate actions and make it harder for people to meet their obligations.  It would be inappropriate and represent inordinate risk to simply remove the control mechanisms from the general service.  To safely meet the more specialized needs of our community, we provide a mass mailing service for faculty and staff to securely send a high volume of emails from on- and off-campus locations as either yourself or using a requested service account. Additional details are available at

Please help us build awareness among faculty and staff about the service offering and its benefits.  The ITS Technology Support Center is available to answer questions and to assist with set-up.