Update on mainframe decommissioning

ITS has been actively engaged in moving off the mainframe to other platforms for the past two years, and this process is now approaching completion. ITS, in consultation with key stakeholders, has adjusted the decommission date to the weekend of July 17th – 19th.  This change was made to ensure the completion of essential processing and to improve the availability of necessary technical staff in both ITS and the functional areas.

In these next four weeks, we will finalize data validation, legacy application shut-off, and Genesys testing as well as establish support strategies for the period following the decommissioning.  Our progress on the entire project and these final steps will be documented on the updated mainframe website at http://mainframe.uconn.edu.  We will also continue to communicate with key stakeholders directly and provide pertinent documentation.

Moving large amounts of historical data and functionality is an involved process, and we appreciate your patience and feedback throughout the project.  Please do not hesitate to contact Diana O’Donnell at diana.odonnell@uconn.edu if you have comments, questions, or concerns.