Virtualization Service Offerings

ITS has a proposed design for expanding the University’s application virtualization service offerings.

Since 2002, the University has provided access to software via various virtualization technologies to our community.  The University began providing desktop virtualization targeted to students in 2011 through our SkyBox service.  We have also provided some application virtualization utilizing Citrix XenApp in order to deliver essential applications to faculty and staff.  These two approaches have independently and successfully serviced their respective communities while virtualization technologies for teaching, learning, and research evolved.  Both use cases remain critical to our community, but the University is now at a juncture where the service offerings must also evolve.  Our goal is to develop these offerings in concert to build on their respective strengths and to ensure that their collective benefit is greater than the sum of their individual benefits.  For more information, view our tentative design at

We will continue to communicate with you about progress on this initiative, and we are actively soliciting your feedback and involvement.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, comments, or concerns.



Mick DiGrazia