HuskyTime student time card system

The HuskyTime student time card system is now available to the university community.

ITS worked closely with UConn Recreation to develop HuskyTime, a streamlined web-based application that allows students to enter their time into an online time card and then provides a mechanism for their supervisors to approve it at the end of pay cycle. Once submitted and approved, a file is generated and uploaded to the payroll system. University departments and units currently use many different methods of transferring student time card data to the payroll system, and most of these processes are entirely manual. The HuskyTime system is a usable, enterprise system that is open to our entire community and is more efficient than time cards. A time and reporting module exists on the road map for Core-CT, the state ERP system that UConn will migrate into, but HuskyTime represents an immediately available improvement to paper processes that can be leveraged while better integrated enterprise alternatives are developed.

Additional information about HuskyTime is available at the following location: Requests to use this system can be sent to