Mainframe decommissioning scheduled for June 30, 2015

The mainframe computer, which UConn has used for over 30 years, was one of the only computing platforms available to the UConn community and has historically been used for administrative, academic, research, and personal computing.  ITS has been moving off the mainframe to other applications and platforms that provide our partners with consistent and contemporary access to data, capabilities, and processes.  With a focus on improving operational and cost effectiveness, this effort is consistent with our public position regarding the evolution of enterprise infrastructure and is aligned with goal three of the ITS Strategic Plan.


The decommissioning of the mainframe has been an ongoing and complicated process, involving many significant re-implementation projects to host historical data and replace functionality of the mainframe.  We are currently transferring archive data from the Financial Records System (FRS), Student Accounts Receivable System (SARS), and Budget Data Mart (BDM) into Oracle databases, validating this data, and creating reporting mechanisms so that our functional partners have access to legacy data.  One of the final steps is to migrate Genesys, the application for human resources and payroll processing, to an off-site platform.


Once the university mainframe has been shutdown, legacy records and data will no longer be accessible via that mechanism and access for supported activities will be accomplished using alternatives.  Personal programs and files are not being replaced with alternatives and will not migrate to our externally hosted relationship.  If there is anything you wish to keep, please make plans to move it to a different platform prior to June 30th.


If you have questions, comments, or concerns about the decommissioning project, or if you require assistance migrating your personal content, please contact Diana O’Donnell at  For general information, visit