New Security Feature for Email Service

ITS will be adding a banner security feature to our email service.

Most phishing emails, which attempt to steal your personal data, come from outside of the University.  Starting on Wednesday, February 26, 2020, Information Technology Services (ITS) will automatically add the following banner to the top of messages that come from an external email system:

This information helps you assess the legitimacy of messages.  If you do not recognize the external sender or if the message is unexpectedly from an external source, use additional caution before clicking on links, opening attachments, replying, or taking any other actions.  Please note that not all phishing messages come from outside of UConn.  Criminals can and do use stolen UConn credentials to send fraudulent emails, and because they originate from within our email system, they will not have a banner.  Phishing is an ongoing problem and to protect yourself, you must be careful with all email.  This is particularly so with any contact that you have not initiated or that contain unusual requests.  You can find more information by searching phishing on the IT Knowledge Base:

If you question the validity of a message or feel that your account has been compromised, contact the Technology Support Center immediately at