Formal Implementation of 2FA Service

ITS two-factor authentication (2FA) enhanced security project has moved into its formal implementation phase.

For nearly two months, we have offered the 2FA service for early adoption by faculty, staff, and student employees.  This gave our community the opportunity to benefit from the service while ITS improved operations and streamlined adoption processes.  As expected, a fairly small portion of employees elected to enroll early.  UConn and eventually all state employees are going to be required to use 2FA for authentication into Core-CT, and we have now begun moving from optional to mandatory adoption.  To effectively manage the support that is required for a widespread roll-out, ITS has divided the populations impacted into the following subsets: students employees, staff (including special payroll), and faculty.  Each of these groups will be migrated into the service separately and in their listed order.  We will communicate directly with each group to inform them of any deadlines and to provide support.  More information, including dates for phases, is available at