Addition of Kaltura Lecture Capture

ITS has added the Kaltura Lecture Capture to our service offerings.

Kaltura Lecture Capture (KLC) is a cloud-based media capture and storage application that facilitates the integration of multi-media content into the UConn learning management system, HuskyCT.  ITS announced in October 2016 that a KLC pilot version was available.  We have used this past year to gauge its alignment with community needs and to evaluate its potential as analternative to Mediasite.  Feedback was overwhelmingly favorable.  In particular, instructors found the improved student access to content creation, integration of quizzing and grade book, and enhanced captioning process extremely helpful.  ITS will officially add KLC to our service catalog and have tentatively scheduled the phase out of Mediasite for the end of the spring 2018 semester.  We will send out additional information about any transition as the academic year unfolds.  For more information about Kaltura, visit