MBAM self-service portal

ITS has established a self-service portal in our Microsoft Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) environment.

Bitlocker is a Microsoft disk encryption technology that protects data against unauthorized access if a computer is lost or stolen.  MBAM provides enterprise management capabilities for BitLocker.  We run MBAM centrally, and our customers run an installed client on their individual computers to ensure that the drive is properly encrypted and to monitor for unsanctioned access.  When the client detects, or at least thinks it has detected, improper access, it puts the computer into a recovery mode that requires a key to unlock.  This key would typically be obtained from the ITS MBAM service by our Technology Support Center.  We observed that this process was inconvenient when recovery was needed outside of normal business hours.  In response, ITS has enhanced our MBAM Service to allow faculty and staff to safely obtain their own recovery key.  IT professionals will still be able to obtain keys to assist their constituents.  For instructions on how to use the self-service portal, visit: