Access to Microsoft products for UConn Health

ITS and UConn Health have collaborated to improve accessibility to Microsoft products for faculty, staff, and students.

UConn Health has historically maintained a licensing agreement with Microsoft that is distinct from the one negotiated by ITS.  The respective contracts explicitly state that the terms and conditions for each are applicable separately for the two discrete communities.  This is problematic because these populations overlap and navigating access differences is a frustrating situation for individuals that transition between the campuses.  ITS explored the issue with our vendor representing Microsoft on this issue.  Based on this interaction, we have confirmed that if both contracts deliver the same services, then either contract can be utilized to deliver services to either population.  UConn Health, which previously only covered faculty and staff, expanded their agreement to include students, and once this occurred, ITS was able to facilitate access via, OnTheHub, and our virtualization services, UConn AnyWare and SkyBox.  This will make it easier for customers to access services irrespective of location.