New service offerings

ITS has two new service offerings for our community.

The Linux Pulse Secure VPN Client is now available, and it will give our Linux users the ability to connect to UConn resources through our centrally supported VPN.  Linux users have requested this service, and now that a supportable client has been released, ITS is happy to make it available as a supported service.  The current version can be downloaded at, along with connection and installation instructions.


Software licensing for the statistical analysis software SAS has been expanded.  Previously, this could be downloaded by faculty and staff on the Storrs campus and installed onto university-owned devices only.  Usage statistics indicated that the software suite is widely used for research and teaching at UConn, and we received feedback that the existing license was too restrictive.  ITS pursued a broader site license that extends eligibility to all campuses, including UConn Health, and students.  This new agreement also permits downloads onto personally-owned devices.  More information and links to the installation files are available at