UConn cable tv going digital

While public broadcast and cable television throughout the country were required to transition from analog to digital, private installations like we have at the University did not have this obligation. However, digital cable provides greater bandwidth for more regular and high definition channels as well as improved fidelity of audio and video for a better overall experience.  To bring this contemporary standard to UConn, ITS has negotiated with our provider to update our service from analog to digital.  We are currently planning the implementation and a building-by-building approach that will enable our technicians to efficiently execute the required changes and to effectively provide our community with any needed support.  Most of the HuskyVision usage occurs in the residential halls, and we will engage directly with students to prepare them for the change.  Communications will focus on what is needed to use the service, including information about digital ready televisions and how to reprogram them after the conversion.  The transition is scheduled to begin on April 6 and will continue for a two-week period, but the impact to any specific location will be limited to a single day.  ITS will also post more detailed support information at http://tv.uconn.edu/