Revised electronic communication policy

The University has made revisions to the university electronic communication policy that will impact email forwarding.


UConn has historically allowed faculty and staff to forward messages from their institutional email system to a service of their choice.  The university has a legal obligation to comply with litigation hold requirements, but it cannot guarantee preservation of data once email is on an unofficial system.  Therefore, ITS, the Office of the General Counsel, and the Office of Audit, Compliance, and Ethics, have revised the policy to limit forwarding to only official university mail services.  Unofficial providers, such as Google, Yahoo, and AOL, will not be eligible.  Official university email services will be required to meet technical and procedural standards which are published at the following website:

ITS will implement this revised policy as we migrate accounts from our local environment to our Office 365 cloud service.  Next week, we will reach out to our customers who forward their email to inform them about the changes. We are letting you know about the revision before we notify them so that you are prepared to field their questions and offer recommendations.