UConn Webex Web Conferencing

Webex is an online conferencing tool you can use anywhere you have Internet access. If you can get online, you can meet with others and share data, presentations, and online demonstrations.

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Faculty can use Webex to teach remotely, bring guest speakers into their classrooms, hold virtual office hours, provide one-on-one or group tutorials, participate in committee work and much more. Webex sessions can easily be recorded, and the video files can then be shared in Blackboard courses. Webex even gives the opportunity to host large webinars and create a more custom experience by connecting to classroom video conferencing hardware.

Webex is now available to everyone - anyone with a NetID can create Webex sessions. Use this service to host and attend online meetings with people inside and outside UConn.

Quick Facts

  • Free for UConn Students, Faculty, Staff, and Departments.
  • Default 1,000 Participant and 100 Breakout Session limit.
  • Built in live-streaming available to help reach audiences.
  • Maximum session time of 24 hours.
  • You may schedule up to 5 concurrent sessions per account.
  • Can share your voice, camera, screen, and files.
  • Can be recorded with automatic Transcript generation (~90% accuracy, easily editable).

For training, please contact edtech@uconn.edu