IT Tips for Students

Welcome (or welcome back) to UConn! We at ITS wanted to pass on a few tips and tricks to help make students’ lives a bit easier – at least technologically. Read on to learn about the best ways to get started with technology at the University.

1. Know what you need.

As a student, you will need a reliable, portable computer to do academic work and access University resources. The minimum device requirements are a good place to start. Keep in mind that some classes and departments may require additional devices (e.g., iClickers) or recommend specific technology.

You will also need your NetID (abc12345) and password to log in to University systems like Student Admin, HuskyCT, and Nexus. If you were recently admitted, you should have received the email “Activate your UConn NetID”. Activate it on the NetID website, and remember to set a strong password.

2. Know what you have.

You have access to university licensed software programs at no or reduced costs, including Microsoft 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more. In addition, ITS loans devices (iPads, laptops) and supports printing on campus through Wepa. You can also download the myUConn and LiveSafe apps to easily access resources including dining menus, UConn maps, emergency procedures, and more.

3. Know how to get online.

UConn provides wired and wireless Internet access. When you get on campus, you can choose to use the UCONN-SECURE (recommended), UCONN-GUEST, or eduroam networks, or use an Ethernet cable to connect to an access point. To connect to UCONN-SECURE, log in using your NetID and password.

4. Know how to protect your device(s) and identity.

Ensure your computer is safe by using antivirus software and always be on the lookout for any phishing messages. UConn also requires students to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect their NetID. This set-up will occur around the same time you receive your email address. We recommend using the Duo Mobile app, which can be downloaded on a mobile phone or tablet, to authenticate.

5. Know how to get help.

If you ever need tech assistance, our Technology Support Center (TSC) is always ready to help you out! Located at the Homer Babbidge Library (Level 1), TSC can be contacted via phone, email, live chat, or in-person. We also highly recommend searching our Knowledge Base for answers – the Student Guide is a must-read!