Personal Computing

Accounts & Access

Identity & Access Provides secure access to IT systems and applications.
Secure Remote Desktop Access Access your work computer remotely.
Secure Shell (SSH) Gateway Access university-owned computers remotely through SSH
VPN Provides secure network access from outside of the University.


Spirion Assists in finding and protecting sensitive user data on computers.
Antivirus and Malware Prevents and removes malicious software.
Encryption Provides full-disk encryption software.
HuskyPC Provides standard desktops and laptops for employees.
Security Awareness Training Provides online video-based training for faculty, staff, and student employees.

Email & Calendar

Spam and Virus Prevention Provides automated intervention to reduce unwanted email.
Mass Mailing Provides a mass mail service for UConn users with a service account.
Microsoft Office 365 Email Provides faculty and staff email and calendar services.
Gmail & Calendar Provides students email and calendar services.
Personal Name Management Enables UConn faculty, staff, and students to create personalized e-mail aliases in addition to the name assigned to them by the University.

File Services

Microsoft OneDrive Provides unlimited, virtual file storage.
Google Drive Provides virtual file storage up to 30GBs.
Enterprise File Services Offers secure computer file sharing and storage.
FileLocker Large File Transfer Offers the capability to share large files up to 2GB.
FTP Provides file transfer across networks.


Software Catalog View available university-licensed software
UConn AnyWare Access university-licensed software online through UConn AnyWare Desktop and Apps
Licensing & Distribution Assesses software needs, negotiates licenses and distributes software to the University community.

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