New myUConn App for Android tablets

The Applications and Technology Solutions team (ATS) has launched a new version of the myUConn App for Android tablets. The myUConn app is the official app of the university which lets users quickly find dining hall menus, course listings, interactive maps, and real-time tracking of buses along campus routes. Previously, the myUConn app was only available for iPhones, iPads and Android phones. After numerous requests from students and faculty who wanted to access UConn-related information from their Android tablets, ATS finalized the development and release of this new version.

myUConn became available online for Android tablet products on Thursday, November 21, 2013 and is free to download and use. Please note, the Android tablet version is only available for screen sizes 1280×800 or larger. Support for smaller tablets will be available in the near future.

To-date, the myUConn App features include:

  • Bus Tracking Service: See a bus approaching a scheduled stop using GPS technology, in real time. Searches are either by bus line or by a particular stop. In addition, one can view all bus routes in full screen and use the device’s touch screen to pinch and zoom for better detail.
  • Campus Directory:  Browse for e-mail, telephone number, and mailing address of UConn faculty, staff, student, department, etc. Recent searches can be saved, people can be added to contact lists, and perform reverse searches using a telephone number.
  • UConn’s Current Course Catalog: Search by career and subject, a specific course and its details, or bookmark courses as “favorites” to view later.
  • Interactive Maps: Easily pick an address or building from the menu while seeing its location and pinpoint an exact location while searching by using a helpful locator service.
  • Residence Halls Dining Menus: Easily view dining options throughout the current week. Also included is a daily calorie counter and favorites section.
  • Live streams:  Campus emergency alerts; WHUS 91.7 FM radio; and UConn Daily Digest.
  • Student ID Finder: Easily look up Student Administration (SA) ID; requires entering a NetID and NetID password.
  • Student Resources: Campus phone numbers, links, and descriptions, which range from tutoring to Public Safety services.

We hope the myUConn app is as useful to you as it is to so many other UConn students, faculty and staff. The mobile development team will continue to seek suggestions and feedback about other helpful resources the UConn community would like included as the myUConn App evolves and features are added.

Suggestions and feedback can be submitted to and also through our contact page on our website.

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Reminder: Moratorium on Network, System Changes

The fall semester begins Monday, August 26 and as is standard practice there is a moratorium on any network and system changes beginning Monday, August 19th and ending Friday, September 6th.

This moratorium is in place to ensure a smooth start to the semester as faculty and students return. Only emergency changes will be considered during this period and they must be vetted through the proper approval channels.

Moratorium on Network, System Changes

The fall semester begins Monday, August 27, and as is standard practice there is a moratorium on any network and system changes beginning Monday, August 19th and ending Friday, September 6th.

This moratorium is in place to ensure a smooth start to the semester as faculty and students return. Only emergency changes will be considered during this period and they must be vetted through the proper approval channels.

Student Administration System Unavailable This Weekend (6/22-6/23)

The Student Administration System (PeopleSoft – SA), to include the Bill & Payment suite, will not be available the weekend of June 22, 2013.

Specific Events and Timelines:

  • Friday, June 21, 2013 at 11:30PM: The Student Administration system and Bill & Payment suite will be brought offline to backup and prepare.
  • Saturday, June 22, 2013: The application software upgrade will be applied. We anticipate the system to be back online and available for use at 2:00PM; however, if necessary, the system may remain unavailable until Monday, June 24, 2013, at 7:30AM.

Notifications were placed on the Student Administration sign-in pages and pop-up sites. If you have questions, please feel free to telephone the ITS Technology Support Center, (860) 486-4357.

For more information, contact: Bob Allen at 860-486-6853

NetID Authentication Expanding to Former Students

Currently faculty, staff, enrolled students, recent graduates, and affiliates have UConn NetIDs. This August, the Student Administration system will start using the University NetID system to authenticate students. This will result in changes to who has active NetIDs.

  • Starting in August applicants to the University will be given NetIDs at the time they apply to the University. NetIDs of applicants who do not attend the University will expire at the start of the semester.
  • This July the de-activated NetIDs of all former students who attended the University since 2001 will be re-activated to allow formers students to continue to request transcripts online.
  • NetIDs of students will no longer be disabled when students graduate or leave the University. This expansion of NetIDs will not change who is eligible for a University email address.

Before these changes are made in July and August, systems administrators of applications that use NetID authentication should ensure that applications allow access only to authorized users.  Current methods of allowing access based solely on successful authentication could violate licensing agreements or cause security risks.  This includes any system that uses CAS, ITS LDAP servers, or ITS’s Kerberos system for authentication.

If you need assistance in evaluating whether changes are required to your system you may contact the Information Security Office’s Identity Access Management group via the Technology Support Center.  You can email the Technology Support Center at or call (860) 486-4357.

For more information, contact: Melinda Carpenter/ITS at 860-486-8863

NetID Modernization and Enhancement

All NetID users can be expecting some changes with the University’s authentication system at the end of June.

The University’s LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) servers are being updated as a result of outdated infrastructure which poses a security risk to the University and its assets. The LDAP system that runs on the outdated infrastructure was designed some ten years ago and was built to support a much smaller user base than the University’s current approximately 34,700 users (combined sum of University faculty/staff, undergraduates, and postgraduates). University Information Technology Services (ITS) has taken this opportunity to redesign UConn’s NetID authentication system along with the architecture connecting the LDAP servers.

“We reorganized how the servers interact with each other — streamlined it and minimized its footprint and the cost to support it,” said Marc Jones, the Student Affairs IT Systems Architect.

“We’ve also rewritten the codebase so we can use more modern coding languages.”

While this project doesn’t affect how NetIDs are provisioned or terminated, it does affect the way individuals interact with the NetIDs themselves. The primary changes surrounding NetID include the elimination of secret security questions to reset a NetID password (e.g. “What is your mother’s maiden name?”), the ability to reset a NetID password through a secondary, non-UConn email address or text message, and compliance with the University’s password requirements.

The University requires that passwords expire every six months, and NetID passwords haven’t been expiring for several years now. All students, faculty, and staff who have a NetID account can expect a password change sometime in the coming Fall ‘13 semester. The NetID Modernization and Enhancement project is a sub-project of the IAM (Identity and Access Management) project, a larger initiative to streamline the University’s system processes of identifying and granting levels of clearance to users across networks.

The go-live date for the NetID Modernization and Enhancement project is June 26, and NetID users can expect an immediate change.

For further questions regarding the project, please contact Marc Jones.


This article, by Tim Williams, first appeared in the June 12, 2013 issue of the Project Weeklies newsletter of the ITS Project Management Office.

Unified Storage Quota for Students Using Google Apps

UConn students now have a unified storage quota in Google Apps for their email and files. As of May 28, 2013, Google changed to a simpler allowance for storage—one that’s combined across Gmail and Drive. Google replaced the old, separate storage allowances—25GB for Gmail and 5GB for Google Drive—with a single 30GB quota that will covers both services. As before, files created in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides won’t count against the storage quota.

For more information about Google Apps, please go to the UConn Google Apps website.

eduroam Launches at UConn

eduroam (education roaming), a secure, world-wide roaming access service, went live on May 10, allowing the University to join an international community of research and education. The incorporation of eduroam at the University is the product of the collaborative efforts of University Information Technology Services, Network Engineering, and the Information Security Office.

eduroam is an international federation of federations, or more colloquially, a confederation. Single federations are run at a national level (i.e. throughout various hotspots across the 103 participating American colleges and universities in the United States) and they are connected to a regional confederation.

Access between networks from other research and educational institutions is negotiated once during the federation process. eduroam allows the University to provide an encrypted network for visitors from participating institutions, eliminating the hassle of guests going through the process of gaining temporary credentials for internet access. Visitors instead use credentials from their home institutions for network access.

Additionally, eduroam will facilitate internet access for the University’s own traveling students and staff. Anyone with a valid NetID from the University will be able to connect to any of the eduroam hotspots operating in more than 60 nations and territories across the globe.

For more information on eduroam, visit the eduroam website.

This article, by Tim Williams, first appeared in the May 29, 2013 issue of the Project Weeklies newsletter of the ITS Project Management Office.

In the Spotlight: Blackboard/HuskyCT Improvements

Blackboard, the company that develops the software the University uses for HuskyCT, recently added new features that will improve the service and make it a more efficient online teaching tool. These features went live on May 12. The improvements include:

Inline Assignment Grading: Instructors can now view assignments and provide feedback inside web browsers, making grading a more facilitated and streamlined process.

Retention Center: Brings student retention factor and engagement to the instructor’s attention. Instructors will be able to place monitoring alerts on students, and allow instructors to view student notification history.

Discussion Tool: The Discussions interface has been overhauled with improved functionality, such as conditional highlighting (allows for students to easily find instructor posts).

Calendar: Users can now add personal events to the HuskyCT calendar, as well as exporting calendar information to third-party software, such as Outlook or Google Calendar. Course items with due dates will be automatically added to student calendars. Option to customize via course filters, colors, and labels will be available.

This article, by Tim Williams, first appeared in the May 15, 2013 issue of the Project Weeklies newsletter of the ITS Project Management Office.

Blackberry Service to be Decommissioned June 30

With increasing demand for iOS and Android smartphones, the popularity of Blackberry mobile devices has been declining among users at the University.  Due to that decline and the ongoing costs of support and maintenance, the University will decommission its Blackberry server on June 30, 2013.

Faculty and staff who have used the Blackberry server were notified of the decommissioning in March, with reminders sent each month since that initial communication. These users were urged to contact the appropriate administrative staff in their University unit/department or ITS Cellular Services regarding the status of their Blackberry account.

From an original 109 users on the server in March, by the last week of May there were 35 accounts still active and about half of those were in the process of being closed, with 18 remaining to be addressed by the June 30 deadline.

Users of personally-owned Blackberry devices will still be able to synchronize email through the University’s Exchange Email Server following the steps found on the UConn/Exchange website.