University PC Refresh Program

ITS periodically coordinates a bulk purchase of Windows and Mac workstations that meet our recommended performance, security, and maintenance standards.  We initiated this program to help offices, departments, and schools replace end-of-support workstations with current generation hardware.  Up-to-date devices perform better for their owners and provide enhanced protection against security compromises that can adversely impact individuals and the University.  A larger overall procurement gets the best practical price.  As an added benefit, ITS manages the shipment and inventory for devices purchased through this program, and if the area is supported by ITS, we configure them for the recipient before delivery to their campus address.

We are currently accepting orders.  IT professionals and fiscal administrators typically submit requests online. Instructions and a link to the site are available at  Demand has been substantive, and we have elected to extend the ordering window until January 21, 2022 to give areas more time to consult with ITS and their constituents.  Additional program information can be obtained by contacting Lisa Orcutt at