File Storage Changes

ITS is introducing archiving to the ITS provided Q: and R: drives.

ITS Enterprise File Services (EFS) is an on-premise, secure file storage capability delivered to our community as individual home directories (P: drive), departmental file storage (Q: drive), and research drives (R: drive).  Archiving consists of moving files from faster, more expensive primary storage optimized for immediate access to slower, less expensive secondary storage designed for long-term file retention.  Starting on March 10, 2021, files on the university Q: and R: drives that have not been accessed or modified for six or more months will be archived.  These files can still be accessed, and all the normal functions performed, but there is a small delay as the file is first automatically moved back to primary storage.  They will remain visible in the file folder, but the file icon will have a small ‘x’ in the bottom corner.  Support information is available on the Knowledge Base.